Oil lamps, jasmine flowers and an indelible identity…

A yellow radiance filters through the dew-laden leaves of the sapota tree outside my grandmother’s house in Chennai that morning. Bright patterns of light dance on Thayamma’s skin as she bends down to sweep in front of our home. She sets the broom aside and starts sprinkling water from a metal bucket. After evenly spreadingContinue reading “Oil lamps, jasmine flowers and an indelible identity…”

Black Swans & Brilliant sunsets

Lake Wendouree is earth’s generosity personified. Situated in Ballarat, an hour and a half from Melbourne, Lake Wendouree was known in the 1800s by white settlers as the ‘black swamp’. A sizeable aboriginal population inhabited the area around the lake at that time. In 1838 William Cross Yuille a white squatter, settled down south of ‘Black Swamp’ in theContinue reading “Black Swans & Brilliant sunsets”