The deafening sound of silence…

Having lived outside India for years, I am used to adjusting my brain and body clock often. Day light savings, summertime, wintertime, I am always adjusting to the time dictated to me However, more recently, I am only tuned into one thing – the India time zone. Daily, I become wide awake in the middleContinue reading “The deafening sound of silence…”

Transition is a constant in our lives

We live life seeking the familiar and the comfortable. We want to be at home with known people, food, locations, and opinions. We want to be accepted and validated, and to have routines and habits that are comforting.  But we do not recognise and accept that our lives are in constant transition. Distractions and disruptions shapeContinue reading “Transition is a constant in our lives”

I am a survivor – Maryam Sheikh Abdi

The cutting began with the eldest girl and on went the list. Known to be timid, I was the last among the six. I shivered and shook all over; butterflies beat madly in my stomach. I wanted to vomit, the waiting was long, the expectation of pain too sharp, but I had to wait my turn. My heart pounded, my ears blocked; the only sound I understood was the wails from the girls, for that was my destiny as well.