Immigrant Messenger

We are two strangersIn a new land Putting on our smilesAnd best hairdos We connect on screenTwice a week Hello Teacher, she saysHello there, I wave Tell me about the weatherTell me about your home How many rooms do you have?Do you have couches, cushions, curtains? Red is my favourite colour I say. I like … Continue reading Immigrant Messenger

Blue Maqm

It has been over five months since I blogged. Was it the virus, or the winter or just my self-induced lethargy that pushed me into inaction - not sure. All of us have had our moments this year - of frustration, anger, sadness and confusion. Many of us managed through a process of patience and … Continue reading Blue Maqm

They made black lives matter

The indomitable spirit of Harriet and Miriam had long ago been been indelibly cross-stitched into the present-day reality of race and colour. Their brave and unstoppable efforts made sure that ‘Black Lives Did Matter’ for all generations to come.

The Magic Mirror

Snow White’s stepmother, the wicked queen, asks the magic mirror, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?” The mirror confirms that she is the fairest of all. One day the answer is different. The mirror replies, “ There is a maiden fairer than you. Her name is Snow White.” Corona Virus … Continue reading The Magic Mirror

I am a survivor – Maryam Sheikh Abdi

The cutting began with the eldest girl and on went the list. Known to be timid, I was the last among the six. I shivered and shook all over; butterflies beat madly in my stomach. I wanted to vomit, the waiting was long, the expectation of pain too sharp, but I had to wait my turn. My heart pounded, my ears blocked; the only sound I understood was the wails from the girls, for that was my destiny as well.

Oil lamps, jasmine flowers and an indelible identity…

A yellow radiance filters through the dew-laden leaves of the sapota tree outside my grandmother's house in Chennai that morning. Bright patterns of light dance on Thayamma's skin as she bends down to sweep in front of our home. She sets the broom aside and starts sprinkling water from a metal bucket. After evenly spreading … Continue reading Oil lamps, jasmine flowers and an indelible identity…